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(the new) Ghoulie Games [by pete vigeant]

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I am a man of many interests, hobbies, obsessions, vices and talents. Check out my profile page (not suitable for younger viewers) for more information about my education (Marymount Manhattan and NYU) and writings.

I love camp. In 2006, I worked as the Director of the iD Tech Camp at Vassar. That summer I also worked as an instructor at Sacred Heart University and Columbia University. Some day I'm going to open a camp with my friend Bryan (he sings the Announcement Song). We want to serve Youth-at-Risk in an experiential education inspired environment. Trust me, it will be a load of fun!

What I'd really like to do is help create, write and star in a children's television show. The idea that my friend Keledy and I share is a technology show in the tradition of Square1 or 321 Contact. It would be called "Freq-Out!"

*Still looking*

In addition, I've made a bunch of board games that someday I wish to sell. If you know anything about starting a business and want to help me out, they are amazing games and a great concept!!! (hint hint!)

I draw and doodle quite often...

I like to design games... the floor of my room is covered in:
Prototypes; Clothing; Legos; and fun pens...